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'Maybe you could just scare them a bit.'

The sight of the fluid brought on fresh rounds of howl-ing. And the more the imps howled, the faster the gunge spurted. No.l had heard it said that humans took several years to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Imps did it in a few hours. And a change like that is going to hurt.

'Are you sure?'

Butler grunted. 'Tell me about it,' he said.

'OK. Get on, pixie. I promise it won't bite.' Butler lifted the tiny pixie on to Mulch's back. 'Just don't look down,' advised the bodyguard. 'You'll be OK.'

'I was wrong, or rather, Foaly was wrong. He missed a few new factors in the temporal equation.'

Doodah took a chance. 'Yes. Human kids. I'm an alien today, pretending to be a human, so go away or I will reach down your throat and pull out your guts.'

'I wish my magic would come back,' grumbled Qwan. 'I'd turn myself into a statue again.'


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